firefly sanctuary

year 2

( visible to invisible )

we told a friend that the first year of the firefly sanctuary was all about he visible things ... filling the sanctuary with things, removing some of those things, and finding the right balance. it was all about the things.

maybe the second year, starting in june 2022, will be about the sanctuary in our minds and hearts. it will be about invisibility.

like we said, we are interested in cultivating the sanctuary in our minds and hearts. that travels wherever we go. maybe of course there are certain things in the literal sanctuary that are links or helpful reminders to enter those special calming states.

maybe, as a linking bridge to the invisible ... this second year ... one focus culd be about sound — the secondary sense, always for some reason behind vision.

that reminds us! in the sanctuary, sometimes we hear a wind chime out the window. we can't see it even though we have looked. it always feels good to hear, and we think about special people we know who are far away.

2022/04/13 00:14