firefly sanctuary

the tour below by laurel was first commissioned by tiana (volvox vault). you can experience the original here, which tiana made into HTML & CSS. thanks tiana! :)

Welcome to my home.

It is small … but very special to me.

I’m taking these photos on a beautiful, sunny day in October. Tiana is here, and thanks to her presence, my home feels extra cozy and alive …

I actually call my place the “Firefly Sanctuary” …

My friend Shea made this amazing keychain for me, with silver square beads that spell “FIREFLY SANCTUARY.” The small yellow bead at the end makes me so happy.

I put the keychain on top of my 2021 otter calendar, and the two seem to play nicely.

The large rock below my shadow was a gift from my brother Zach. He told me it was his doorstop all throughout college when he lived in a house with all the other ultimate frisbee players. He originally found the rock in the yard of the house we both grew up in.

My electronic devices sometimes feel like companions. So do my small wooden stools, with their four legs. Everyone feels a little alive here.

Welcome to my bathroom. I have a Toto washlet seat (bidet) that’s heated from 9am – midnight. (It turns off at night to save energy.) There is a small sculpture of a turtle resting on a rock, often soaking up the sunlight, made by my friend Mel.

If you look closely at the top left corner of my bathroom window, there is a little ladybug. It has been there for many months. (I believe it is dead.) But it is still special to me… partially because my mom thinks of me as a ladybug sometimes.

You might be wondering why I call it the Firefly Sanctuary, and not the Ladybug Sanctuary …

Well, I’ve always identified as a firefly. (It’s actually my primal astrology, too.) I think because I like to glow and fly. And I often do it at night … kind of hidden style. My apartment itself gets really good light … sometimes it feels like it’s glowing … and other times, when I see the trees moving in the wind through my windows, I’m kind of flying in a spaceship …

I like that my refrigerator is metallic. Something sorta elegant about it, similar maybe to the elegance of a firefly, gleaming sometimes.

This laminated card with a four leaf clover and the fortune “I believe in everything” was gifted to me by pe hu in Osaka, Japan. It’s kind of like my mantra now.

Oh, and one last thing! I have a guestbook … !

Thanks to all my guests … past, present, and future … and thanks to Tiana for expanding my conception of what a sanctuary can be :)

Need anything on your way out?

* toto washlet seat (bidet)
* otter calendar 2022
* LG air conditioner

However, in my opinion … the most special things are given and received … slowly, imaginatively, and thoughtfully … over time :)