firefly sanctuary

kitchen shelves

( new shelves with rounded corners )

The sanctuary's kitchen has always had this weird indentation area.

For a long time, we just had all these appliances on little stools in this area. To be honest, they were really cute like this ... (can't find a pic to show you), but you can imagine each appliance on its own little stool, like a creature.

But as of a few days ago, we now have these amazing shelves:

Excited to start putting things on them ...

We got the wood custom cut and delivered via Midtown Lumber through their website. We ended up going with 3/4" pine, their cheaper option. Laurel sent them this drawing:

We had the sanctuary building's handyperson Phil help us stain, varnish, and install the shelves with these brackets we bought. He did an amazing job! :)

After installing, we realize one thing we didn't think through was ... cable management. We'll have to have a whole other post on that wide-ranging topic. * update * ... here you go.

Need anything on your way out?

* white "el" brackets
* heat resistant glass food storage
* custom cut & delivered lumber in NYC