firefly sanctuary


( a labelled notebook with a matching pen )

Before the sanctuary's housewarming, Laurel bought a simple but special notebook with a matching pen, in hopes that people would sign as the guestbook.

She bought them both at McNally Jackson in Soho, liking how the notebook had gold touches, related to the glow of fireflies. The mathematical feeling words “Logical Prime” specifically in the flowing cursive font also had a special effect.

The pen was expensive, but we don’t regret it one bit. The ink flows so well, and it feels like a nice weight in your hand while writing.

We used a labelmaker to write “Firefly Sanctuary” and then “Guestbook.” (Thanks to Nina for gifting the labelmaker in return for Laurel making her wedding website!)

While the material aspects are important in making it special, simply having a guestbook has been a true highlight of sanctuary living. Whenever someone comes by, we make sure to ask them to sign it. This might sound silly, but when we look at the guestbook, it almost feels like a physical website. The feed is chronological though, and in addition to words sometimes people draw little pictures.

Actually, this reminds us that we have an email mailing list for the Sanctuary that we only send out to people who have signed our physical guestbook. It’s like they have “logged in.”

Just for fun, we created a virtual guestbook too (using Elliott's, for the virtual home of the Firefly Sanctuary. Please sign if you’d like!