firefly sanctuary


( how drawing a map lead to the perfectly-sized couch )

over the summer, we subleased the sanctuary for 2 months. we began the process by measuring the sanctuary and drawing a map:

(shout out to max who helped us measure the sanctuary and create a first version with pencil & paper!)

we shared this map over email and social media and ended up connecting with dexter & ellyse, two friends from the internet for a long time now.

they live in new zealand, and told us even before we posted about the sanctuary ... they were thinking to themselves, "new york in june!" so it was meant to be.

they stayed in the sanctuary for both june & july, while we traveled to europe & across the united states.

they left the sanctuary in great condition. there were a few small changes we noticed, which we decided to embrace, including a nice fortune on our fridge and a new place for our glass cups. (the cups are now where the bowls used to be, and vice-versa, for what it's worth.)

it was nice drawing the map for the sanctuary, as the map became useful in mocking up our new couch vision. (we needed a specific size for the couch, 60" along the wall side, as the sanctuary has unique size limitations. the map made us more aware of these, allowing us to better see matches when they appeared in the world!)

and now it is a reality ... !

2022/10/04 18:30
Need anything on your way out?

* range couch by burrow
* special rock from new zealand
* friendship shoe charm from dexter & ellyse