firefly sanctuary


( managed lyricism )

cables are one of the most lyrical components of any home -- when you let them be.

above is the cable for the nest cam that allows the livefeed to work on this website. we could have tucked it away, but there's something nice about its flow.

most people probably wouldn't notice, but with the above image, we carefully wrapped an extension cord around the sanctuary's fridge to allow the most elegant cable situation for laurel's task lamp.

Laurel asked the sanctuary's handyperson Phil to come back to help her figure out the best cable management with the new shelves. After some contemplating, we decided to drill two holes on the top shelf to allow our appliances to be plugged into this electrical strip (somewhat hidden) on the shelf below. We like that it's managed, but there's still a good amount of cable expression here.

balancing between cable lyricism and cable chaos feels like an art!