firefly sanctuary


( folding murphy bed hidden with curtain )

One of the most distinctive physical aspects of the firefly sanctuary is its bed. It is a folding murphy bed hidden by a curtain!

But it was not always this way. Laurel spent the first three months sleeping on an air mattress, trying to decide what to do.

Getting to this decision took a lot of research and contemplating. Since the firefly sanctuary is not big, every decision holds a special weight.

In deciding, it was a tossup between some sort of daybed that would convert into a bed or a murphy bed. But when we originally googled "murphy bed," most of the results were quite ugly -- many came with a strange surrounding cabinet. The only ones that looked good to us were very expensive...

But then we talked with a friend who shared "Wall Bed King UK" which are just the mechanism and none of the cabinet. They prided themselves on “German piston technology.” Hearing that paried with finding this helpful blog post about a murphy bed covered elegantly by a curtain helped us come to what exists in the sanctuary today.

from "improvised life" blog

One reason we wanted to share the “Firefly Sanctuary” more publicly ... we wanted to give back. We wanted to share with the internet what we had so graciously learned from it. So thank you to this blog post for giving me the idea to elegantly hide the firefly sanctuary's bed behind a curtain.

We remember Laurel lounging in her chair one evening, over the summer, the fan blowing to keep her cool … and she noticed her curtain was moving in a beautiful calm way. Laurel thought to herself, “all walls should move.” It was as if the firefly sanctuary itself was breathing too.

We wonder what we will murphy, or make fold out next?? Thanks Becca for the inspiration (check the 12:44 mark).

Need anything on your way out?

* murphy bed
* daybed
* linen curtains
* curtain wire